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Last update: 9/6/11

This class includes discussion and practice of traditional seated meditation in the Chozen Ji Rinzai Zen tradition, and emphasizes posture, breathing, focus, and awareness.

The practice of Zen can help one discover - and cultivate - a focused, calm and aware state of mind. Practitioners strive to “cut through” to the basic essence. Nothing extra, nothing left out. Through practice, one can become more objective about oneself and about the world, and develop greater clarity of mind and purpose. Other benefits include improved focus, concentration, awareness, acceptance, and strength, and better ability to manage stress.

Six-Week Session Dates:

  • Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-7:30am, Fridays 5:00-6:00pm
  • Fall: Starts the week of Sept. 6
  • Late Fall: Starts the week of Oct. 18
  • Cost: $60/ six weeks (6 hours); Ongoing Fee: donation
  • Instructor: Elisabeth Menning

  • On-site babysitting available by arrangement
  • Location: 1579 E. 91st Drive, Merrillville

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